Lim Solar , your Philippine Team of Solar Power Professionals .

Isabel Leyte 5Kw Solar

Shown below are former Leyte Governor/Tacloban, Leyte Mayor Emmanuel 'Butch' Veloso and Lim Solar Chairman Winston Mendoza. Also shown is Isabel, Leyte Mayor Marcos Gregorio M. Cerillo with Mr. Mendoza. The solar project was in support of the devastation caused by supertyphoon Yolanda.


Waukesha Gas Engines

April 14, 2014

Joe Joson

California , USA | Virac , Philippines


Waukesha Gas Engines, our solution to the challenges of power generation to cover the time that solar power is inactive (night time). These are General Electric engines that use natural gas, 95 % propane gas or other alternative fuels as bio-gas, gas from landfills or digesters.


November 08, 2013

Joe Joson

California , USA | Virac , Philippines


Shown below are several of the local , Southern California installations under Mendoza Solar, USA.  Mendoza Solar has been in business since 2008. It is capable of installing Solar Power (Photo Voltaics) from the residential sizes to the commercial and eventually multi-megawatt systems in the form of Solar Farms.


To suit the needs of even the most remote villages of the Philippines , we have designed solar kits as small as 500 watts to charge batteries for lighting , charge cell phones , etc.


Lim Solar, a Mendoza Solar subsidiary and a Philippine corporation, is now poised to roll out residential kits starting at 1000 watts (1 kilowatt) up to 10,000 watts or 10 kilowatts.  


San Francisco Quezon Camarines Norte & Sur San Fernando La Union

August 2, 2013

Joe Joson

California , USA | Virac , Philippines



To San Francisco ... and beyond... we bring our hearts... and lots of electrical power to our families and friends. From San Francisco , Quezon to the Camarines provinces in the Bicol Region , San Fernando , La Union and beyond.  Below are pictures taken during a signing tour of these municipalities by Winston Mendoza , CEO of Mendoza Solar and Chairman, Lim Solar Philippines.

Ambassador Cuisia Meets With Winston Mendoza and Team

February 15, 2013 : A Great Day To Remember

Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia Jr. and Mr. Winston L. Mendoza , CEO Mendoza Solar, LLC & Chairman , Lim Solar Philippines in their first and historic meeting in Washington , DC ,  March 20, 2013.


From the CEO , Winston L. Mendoza

March 20, 2013


Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr and Mendoza Solar and Team met in Washington , DC to talk about Mendoza Solar and its renewable energy projects in the Philippines.  Mendoza Solar and Team was composed of several solar energy players in funding,  equipment and solar panel manufacturers/suppliers,  fuel cell technology for projects in the Philippines.  Also present during the meeting was Ms. Ma. Roseni  Alvero, the Philippine Trade Attaché in Washington DC.


Others in attendance: Mr. Derrick Botha, Vice President for Sales and Marketing MOTECH Industries America- manufacturer of solar modules; Scott Bowden, Director of Business Development- Solectria Corp. – manufacturer of GRID-tied solar inverters; Ms. Ma. Roseni Alvero- Trade Attaché; Ambassador Jose L Cuisia, Jr; Mr. Winston Lorenzana Mendoza –  CEO and chairman Mendoza Solar LLC & Lim Solar Philippines; Warren Seehuus – Vice President Global Operations, Lim Solar Philippines and Principal, Seehuus and Associates LLC- Business Operations and Project Management Consulting; Chris Hughes – National Sales Manager – Solar, for GEXPRO.


Mendoza Solar , LLC has established  Lim Solar  Philippines 3 years ago to address the peak energy shortage in the Philippines and  has since obtained a standby financing of $800 Million and $ 500 million from a consortium of US banks. To complement the solar electric system, we are likewise promoting the use of state-of-the-art portable fuel cell electric systems that will address base energy needs in the Philippines. A combination of fuel cell and solar (PV) systems ensures an uninterrupted 24-hour supply of electricity even in  the remotest areas.



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Bill Gates Joins Liquid Metal Battery Corp

Bill Gates Now A Key Player at Liquid Metal Battery Commercialization


It is now a matter of time before this massive jump in renewable energy technology starts to eat into high voltage transmission lines niche markets. With GRID LEVEL battery becoming an integral part of our high voltage networks, the need for long and expensive transmission lines , not to mention the very expensive fees that go with them, could indeed get buried in the ash heap of history, long term.


Please click here to go to our Solar Technogy News page and also read up the rest of this awesome piece of renewable energy news!

Exciting Philippines!

A lot of great things are happening in and around the Philippines! Corruption is on the run! The economy posted a whopping 6.4 % GDP for the first quarter of 2012 ranking it second to China in the whole of Asia for the same quarter!  The President has declared war on rice production and set a very exciting and very bold goal of EXPORTING rice next year in 2013 instead of importing 1.3 million metric tons annually. Since 2010 , he has reversed the 1.3million metric tons of rice import and now is importing only 500 metric tons yearly. And this is just from managing the system.


A 15,000Watt (15KW) install in one residence in Garden Grove , California. This homeowner wiped out a $700 plus monthly electric bill and on the 3rd month started receiving money from his electrical company . His 15KW system produces more electricity than he consumes even as he runs his AC units. What a deal!! His system will be paid for between 7-10 years!! If he plunks in his hard-earned income from the utility money into his  loan to pay for his system, he could get his system debt free in 5 years or less!

California Team with a newly installed small carport solar panels.

A community carport with solar panels serving as its roof.

Huge parking lots turned into carports with solar panels serving as roof.  So it is one way to 'stay cool' under the shade and indoors with the AC ran by the solar panels.

Open spaces everywhere can be used to set up roofs and fitted with solar panels. The fuel is always free.

Philippine Rural Electric Cooperative Association (PhilREC) in San Diego , CA . March 2012 NRECA , USA Convention.


The 3030 by 2020 Plan:  This plan means simply this; by the year 2020 , electrical power costs would have been reduced 30% starting with the first 30% or 100MW (one hundred Mega Watts) of the President's 300MW projected installations under the Renewable Energy Act of 2008.


Click here to read the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 or RA 9513:  Renewable Energy Act of 2008 or RA9513

In partnership with Philippine government agencies , the Private Sector and the citizens we offer solutions to the varied electrical production challenges that this nation of several  hundred inhabited islands now face.


As electrical production by way of Solar Power has become very competitive among its rival sources as coal, diesel or gas, Lim Solar is now ready to tackle the challenges of meeting the energy needs of this island nation now and beyond.


What Distinguishes Us

We meet head-on the nation's massive and urgent electrical production challenges with the financial and strategic advantages of bringing huge amounts of electrical power to ANY LOCATION with OR without the need of very long transmission lines using solar power. We produce abundant  power where it is needed.  Solar Power Systems have indeed become 'portable' and self-sustaining.


WE WILL INSTALL AT YOUR LOCATION , produce as much electrical power where you need it with or without the need to connect to the grid.



Who We Are


Lim Solar is a Philippine Corporation which is a subsidiary of its parent Corporation, Mendoza Solar, LLC . Mendoza Solar is both a California and a Nevada Corporation.


Please click here for more information on Mendoza Solar.


Lim Solar has interim offices strategically located in the Philippines. We have these offices in Cebu, Manila and a corporate headquarters in Davao City.


Lim Solar and Mendoza Solar are project integrators working with companies from the United States , Canada, Europe and Asia. We target the following markets:


1. Electric Utility Companies or Power Providers/Producers like Electric  Cooperatives and other power providers like SPUG.


2. Commercial or Business Establishments and other Facilities with a need to supplement or totally eliminate huge power consumption bills.


3. Solar Farms . Generate your own electricity for your own use or sell your electrical production to the Electric Utility Companies cited above.


4. City street lights. Towns and cities can now save on energy or even sell energy to the Electric Companies. We will install solar panels with individual inverters on your city light poles. These networks of street light panels will be networked using the internet to monitor, troubleshoot and manage whole systems.


5. Residential buildings , homes , condos , small communities, villages , towns .