One Million Rooftops (OMR)

The Nanay & Tatay Residential Solar

A Philippine Bungalow & Nanay Tatay Solar

With solar power our Nanays and Tatays can have sufficient power for their homes  whether the sun shines or NOT! We can have power whether the local electric company is running or NOT!  Whether we connect to the electric company or NOT!


All this will be available to us in the Philippines very soon!


Millions of households by our parents and families in the Philippines who want to start using the FREE fuel from the sunlight and start eliminating very high monthly electric bills can now take advantage of this opportunity.

The Nanay & Tatay Solar Irrigation and Food Production

President Benigno S. Aquino III , the best President to run the Philippines in a very long time, declared in June of 2012 while visiting the USA  that by 2013 the Philippines will be EXPORTING rice . This is a very bold move by the President knowing that as of the present time we are IMPORTING rice to the tune of 500 million metric tons a year.  In 2010 , we were importing  1.3 million metric tons of rice annually . The President has since mobilized his team to rectify this issue and this reversal from an importer to that of an exporter of this commodity has been very successful.  I believe that we will meet this goal in no time.


The Nanay and Tatay Solar Irrigation and Food Production Project is teaming up with Philippine farmers , backyard gardeners  and just about anybody who wants to produce food using cheap water from solar pumps!


We hope to ADD to the President's effort in the race to produce more rice and become a nation that EXPORTS rice and forever put the words 'rice importing' behind us.

Small Six-Panel Solar Pump

Dig a well , lower your pump to a creek .. this system will produce water all day when the sun shines.

More solar panels more water

Depending on your needs , the more solar-produced electricity , the bigger the water pump, the more water per minute.


Solar Pumps and its solar Panels can be installed anywhere where there is water source to be had.


Land Bank of The Philippines















Land Bank Says It Will FUND Renewable Energy Projects


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


THE Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) said it will fund renewable energy projects like solar, wind, hydro and biomass.


Land Bank of the Philippines National Director Tommy de Leon told Sun.Star that the LBP, together with other government financing institutions, is mandated under the Renewable Energy Act to fund renewable energy projects.


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BPI Philippines












Bank Conglomerate aims to invest on local RE


BPI Globe BanKO



BPI Globe BanKO, a mobile-based Filipino bank that is owned and managed by three major corporations – the Bank of the Philippine Islands, Ayala Corporation and Globe Telecom – has recently sourced out funds from a World Bank Unit, the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The IFC’s thrust on securing a cleaner future for all can be seen in its Sustainable Energy Finance (SEF) Program, in which BPI Globe BanKO plans to allocate investments for local renewable energy firms and projects.


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A US Financial Institution or Bank

And finally , Mendoza Solar has teamed up with a US multi-billion dollar financial institution to help fund Lim Solar  projects in the Philippines .  This financial institution will also work with our local banks so our Nanay and Tatay projects will become a reality!

Solar Parts Supply System

Typical Shippping Containers

Our Supply System will deliver your solar components in shipping containers similar to what is shown.


From the small residential projects to the huge Multi Megawatt Systems , your very own systems will come 'bundled' as modular units , ready to install.

Installation & Installers

Licensed and Certified Installers

Our installer teams are US certified . They will train and certify local installers for Lim Solar Philippines.