Recent Past Events

May 2012: 

The CEO and his wife met with several team members in several cities of the Philippines to make a business presentation of the Lim Solar Philippines. 


During these presentations, key players from the Philippine government and business leaders attended as well.

Cities visited by the CEO in May 2012 to hold the presentations:

Davao City

Davao City ! First leg of the CEO's May 2012 solar presentation!

General Santos City

General Santos City!  The CEO's next stop. The home of multiple tuna storage facilities! They need cheaper electricity to run the thousands of freezers scattered throughout the city!

Samal Island , Mindanao

The beautiful Samal Island , a great developing resort island. They could use a few MW (Megawatts) of solar power! The CEO visited this island as well.


Another stop! Palawan. A paradise for nature lovers. Tourism abounds in these areas. More power needed to support this huge industry!  Solar power will earn the businesses bigger profit on  cheaper electricity!


Manila !  May 9th 2012. More presentations done here. A huge attendance by locals as well as folks who flew and drove from far flung places of the Philippines.

Present Activities

Catanduanes Island , the land of the howling winds! 

Catanduanes Governor Cua With Constituents

Nothing beats kamayan!!

Virac Catanduanes Airport

Potential for Tourism is huge!

Ferry Boats to Catanduanes

Shown here is just one of the many ferry boats to the island of Catanduanes. These ferry boats are able to carry huge cargo as trucks, buses while they serve to carry passengers as well. Air conditioned sections as well as non-air conditioned ones are available on these boats.


Most of the islands have similar services. These services are called the Ro-ro , short for roll on , roll off.

Puraran Resort Catanduanes

Another huge tourism potential for the island of Catanduanes!

Just beautiful! Surfing is awesome here.

Catanduanes surfing is one of the fastest growing attractions in the Philippines.


We do need additional Megawatts of Electrical power to help this industry grow and become sustainable and competitive. We are ready to deliver the solutions.


Future EVENTS ! What's AHEAD!

Solar Farms

Solar Farms , the fastest to deploy, the easiest to maintain, the most profitable electrical generation ever , the cleanest of all energy sources.. the sun, the best solution of the present and the years to come in meeting our energy needs!

Davao City

For starters: Davao City wants their 10 MW solar electric system before the end of 2012!


And there are more to come. Mindanao is currently deficient in electrical production by a good 150 to 200 MW (Megawatts).


Lim Solar Philippines in conjunction with its parent company , Mendoza Solar and the many partners from the United States is the best positioned company and team to deliver these badly needed systems and services.