Our line of products: Solar Panels, Inverters, Solar Panel Support , Carports , Street Light Panels and Inverters.

Carports and Other Open Lot and Rooftop Installations

California Team with a newly installed small carport solar panels.


A community carport with solar panels serving as its roof.

A 15,000Watt (15KW) install in one residence in Garden Grove , California. This homeowner wiped out a $700 plus monthly electric bill and on the 3rd month started receiving money from his electrical company . His 15KW system produces more electricity than he consumes even as he runs his AC units. What a deal!! His system will be paid for between 7-10 years!! If he plunks in his earned income from the utility money into his  loan to pay for his system  instead of buying beer, he could get his system debt free in 5 years or less!

Remember, when the city power goes out because of blown transformers, copper wires cut and stolen, bad weather... switch off the main power and run on solar. You are back in business.  Typhoons or bad storms? No problem. When the sun is up after the typhoon, your power is back on.

Cars in the shade means their paint last longer and cooler cars when you get in. And hey, that's not to mention, if you own the car parking lot, you are harvesting many kilowatts of electricity for yourself or selling it back to the Utility Company. It is the law in California and soon will be in most cities of the Philippines.

Solar Farms

Here is what your new Solar Farm could look like. We can install 1MegaWatt (1MW), 2MW or more at a price cheaper than a coal-fired plant, faster and cheaper than a hydro or gas plant, geothermal and diesel generators.

Street Lights and Solar Panels

Solar panels mounted on street light poles generate power for the lights and excess power sold back to the Electric Utility Company earning the City valuable income.

Mounted about 15 feet from the ground on electric utilitiy poles , these panels produce electricity that is fed to the grid earning the City or town valuable income. The panels' performance and output are monitored using an internet-based network and software.

Stand-Alone Systems

Stand-alones are just that , independendent , non-grid connected , self-sustaining solar electric systems using banks of batteries to keep the power going at night or days after the storm hits.  Watch for coming photos and information.