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Our Services is an Investment Plan in a Nutshell:


Joe Joson , California 


A Real No-brainer Investment

How the plan works:


Cost Analysis & Engineering: 


We estimate your monthly electric expenses by looking at your monthly bill and your electrical equipment in your house , business , commercial facility or open tracts of lands.


For Electric Utility Companies , we take in your customers' total electrical demands.


Then we  install a system that will be putting out power equal to or more than you or your clients consume or need.


Note: When you install a system that will produce more than you will use, it is a given that the Utility Company that you are connected to will buy that power back from you.


For utility companies, it means simply this: No more needless brownouts for the clients.




As soon as your Solar System is in operation , (it takes 3-4 days to install for residentials and a few weeks to several months to bigger installations), your investment starts to earn revenues in the form of power sold back to your Utility Company.


On days that your power consumption in your home is less than the power put out by the Solar System, your meter actually RUNS BACKWARDS  which means you are DEPOSITING $ or power into your account!


 When the day is cloudy or at night time, your system draws from what you deposited. Awesome system!


This is done through a  Netmetering System that reads all power flows coming from or leaving the Solar Power System and compares it to what comes from the Utility or Electric Company.


This is a win-win for both the consumers who for the first time will no longer see rolling brown outs and the Utility Company who will be selling very affordable power to the consumers.



Return of Investment (ROI):  


 And here is the real kicker, a big bonus. As you pay your monthly fee on energy , it is NOT sent to your Utility or Electric Company. It is sent towards the pay off of the installation cost. And you eventually own the unit in 5 to 7 years for residential and a little longer for bigger installations. And how is it possible to have no payments to the Utility Company? Your payment to the Utility Company is very close to ZERO if at all.

It is estimated that in 5-7 years or in less than ten years the whole system is paid for. And your power everyday from that time on is , well, FREE!!!!!



Financing :



Projects in the Philippines will be financed by either the Project Owner, Philippine Banks, the Philippine government , the Cooperatives and of course U.S. investors.   For U.S. investors to participate, loans have to have a Philippine Bank or Philippine government guaranty the loan.


System Lifetime and Warranties:


Solar Cells have life times of more than 30 years! Warranties by manufacturers of the Solar Panels, the Inverters and the Installation Company are also included in the package! And remember, this whole system has NO MOVING PARTS, NONE! Nothing to wear out. Everything is electronics and computers.


And the beauty of it all, YOU PUT NO MONEY OF YOUR OWN DOWN! So needless to say, it will indeed pay to GO SOLAR!


It simply makes perfect sense!