Free Electricity From the Sun , The Photo Voltaic Revolution

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The knowledge and technology on the production of re-usable electrical energy using the plentiful supply of solar energy (radiant sunlight) has been around for years. It is just recently however that true , economically feasible production of solar cells have been achieved. The technology is exploding with new inventions, new innovations.


The usual sources of electrical energy which are fossil fuel (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, natural gas , coal ), hydro (water dams), geothermal, wind power are now seeing a major competition from solar .


Recent technological breakthroughs have enabled manufacturers to bring solar energy toe to toe with the cheapest way of producing electrical power which is COAL.


Below is a basic layout of a solar power (Photo Voltaic, PV) system:


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Inverter Basics

Inverters are solid-state or electronics devices that convert the DC Current and Voltage from the Solar Panels into usable AC Current and voltage for homes.


To read up on how they work click this link.

A 24/7 Solar Electric System Basics

Off-Grid Solar Electric Systems that produce electricity  for us 24 hours a day 7 days a week  are our sure tickets to complete independence from expensive electrical utility companies.   


The  abundant and FREE fuel from the sun, the solar panels and systems ability to produce electricity anywhere where the sun shines, the elimination of transmission lines and FEES...... make us truly independent energy wise.



Click here to see the basic set up of an OFF-Grid Solar Electric System.




Above article , courtesy of and contributed by a great fan of Solar Electric Power,  Engineer Renato Chong , Bigaa , Virac , Catanduanes / Qatar .