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Meet the Founder and inventor of the next generation grid-level Liquid Metal Battery, Professor Donald Sadoway of MIT.  Grid-level means , huge power levels, capable of supporting communities or hundreds, thousands of households.


Examples: A battery 36 inches in diameter and 4 inches thick can produce 4000Watt hours. Or a huge 40-foot shipping container size battery may support the daily needs of 200 households!!  The technology is new. Watch for news of its mass production!


(This piece was contributed by Engineer Renato Chong, Bigaa, Virac , Catanduanes , Philippines who is presently in Qatar working as Planning Engineer)


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Bill Gates Joins LBMC to Commercialize Grid Level Battery

MIT's Dr. Donald Sadoway , LBMC Founder

 Professor/Dr. Donald Sadoway , named by Time Magazine as one of 100 most Influential People in the World, co-inventor of the Liquid Metal Battery and co-founder of LBMC, partners with BILL GATES and others to commercialize this early-stage GRID LEVEL renewable battery.




LMBC is commercializing a new battery technology that will transform grid-scale electricity storage. The Liquid Metal Battery was invented in the lab of Dr. Donald Sadoway, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technologywho was recently named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World. The technology is reliable, safe and easy to assemble, has the flexibility to provide energy to the grid in both long duration and quick-response applications, and has the potential to cost significantly less than existing solutions.

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